New Orleans Wedding Venues You Should See!!!

If you’re like most of the brides I work with, your wedding venue is one of the most important elements of your wedding.

And, I have to agree - When it comes to booking your venue, you have to be smart and savvy about how you select it.  I see brides make one of two major mistakes: 

Mistake #1:  Many brides will book a cheaper venue that’s slightly outdated and then plan to bring in flooring, draping, pipe and draping only to spend A FORTUNE trying to make the space what they want and defeat the whole purpose of booking a venue at a cheaper price.

Mistake #2:  Many brides will BLOW their budget on the venue of their dreams and then they struggle booking a photographer, the decor, or even buying the dress of their dreams. 

You NEED a venue that maximizes your budget and allows you to have all the things that matter most regardless of whether you have a medium or high-end wedding budget.

Below is a review of a few venues we love here in New Orleans!

Kimberly Jones-Williams